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Underwater Construction......

Underwater Maintenance

Commercial diving includes many different types of work. We carry a large range of tools which run on air, water and hydraulic power. Removing mud and sand from the sea bed can be achieved with an air lift or water dredge. Cutting of timber with our hydraulic saws. Cutting of steel with hydraulic saws or BROCO thermic lance. Welding using DC welders and BROCO welding torch. Underwater core drilling using our drill rigs and hydraulic drills. Breaking of concrete using our hydraulic breaker and chisel. We also have underwater grinders, impact guns, needle guns, and other tools, as well as a 5000psi pressure washer.

Helmet Camera Inspections

Camera Inspections allow the engineer or client representative to see what the diver sees. Everything on video is recorded to a laptop, and saved on the hard drive. The diver will have hard wire voice communications, and the conversation between the diver and the surface, is also recorded onto the laptop and hard drive.

When the inspection is complete, and all information is gathered, the recording is ended. Some file is then transferred to a thumb drive, and the client has a copy the same day.

Rigging and Installations 

Our dive teams include divers with rigging and fitting experience, and qualifications. We can use cranes on the waters edge, or lift bags in the water. Our vessels also have winches and small cranes to assist where required.

We have removed and fitted valves underwater, pipeline sections, pipe screens and diffusers, geo-textile bags for pipe protection, boat ramps, vessels for salvage, or moving on ships, baulks in dams and rives, trash racks for intakes, large concrete moorings, and many more. The biggest to date is over 40 tonnes of steel structure in one lift at Hinze Dam.

Pile Repairs and Inspections

Piles on bridges, wharves, and marinas eventually require maintenance. Our divers have worked with cleaning piles, repairs to cracked concrete, and pile wrapping. Timber piles are open to attack from marine borers, ship worms etc. By wrapping the pile correctly, it prevents any moisture intrusion, and prolongs the life of the pile, as well as eliminating sea life attacking the pile. Similarly concrete piles, need protection, to prevent moisture attacking the steel inside the concrete. Once the steel begins to rust, it grows and further opens the pile to further deterioration. 

Marine Salvage

Unfortunately some vessels run into trouble, and require salvage. We use lift bags to lift the vessel to the surface, repair damaged areas stopping water ingress, pump out the water from the vessel, and re-float for towing. Salvage is quite often one of the most challenging tasks divers undertake, and we have the experience necessary for the work. 

Pipe Repairs and Pigging

Pipes get dirty inside and out. Screens require cleaning and inspections, to ensure they keep working. Pipelines require inspections for many reasons including correct protection, anchoring, cathodic protection, and marine growth. Inside the pipe can accumulate sediment and marine growth, which effects the flow of liquid through the pipe. We have carried out in water pigging of pipes up to 500 metres in length, to remove this build up, and confirm the cleaning with video footage upon completion.

Deep Diving

We have divers and supervisors, qualified and experienced with diving in Australia, and use of decompression chambers on site. Waters Marine have carried out work in Queensland since 2008,  to depths of 50 metres on air, and decompression stops where required. We can mobilise the required equipment to safely carry out deeper diving projects, as well as utilise our ROV for diver-less inspections.

Inland Diving

We carry out commercial diving work for inland areas throughout Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. We offer regular trips to these areas, with regular established clients. If you have urgent work, we are able to mobilise boats and equipment set up for diving at inland weirs, bridges, dams, rivers, catchments, locks, power stations, and reservoirs.

Coastal Diving

Based on the Gold Coast, we also are regularly operating in coastal areas. We dive on boat moorings, ocean outfalls, river outfalls, intakes, pipelines, sewer treatment plants, reservoirs, bridges, wharves, jetties, and pontoons. We also sometimes dive for films, documentaries and TV commercials. 

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