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Commercial Diving......

Potable Water Diving

Confined SpaceDiving in drinking water brings a new set of risks. Our systems provide our customers with peace of mind . Potable water dedicated equipment, potable water dedicated trailer, confined space qualified – Diver, Rescue, Gas Test, Supervisor.

Confined Space Solutions

As well as commercial diving, we also work in confined spaces. We provide teams with Tripod, BA Sets, Gas Detection, Harnesses, Recovery Equipment, Specialist boats and platforms.  One of our specialties is getting  other specialist personnel into reservoirs and pipes.

Contamination Diving

When the dive is not in normal water…..There are all sorts of things we have been asked to dive in. Recycled water, sewerage, sludge and waste ponds. This has been at Sewerage Treatment plants, Factories, Abattoirs, and Mines. We also have experience at fixing, installing and removing all sorts of plant and equipment in these types of environments.

ROV - Remote Operated Vehicle

We have a Video Ray Pro 4 ROV for under water inspections. Capable of swimming at 4 knots, depth rated to a maximum of  305 metres, two cameras, and plug in accessories this unit can do all sorts of inspections. We use our ROV as a stand alone inspection, added with diving, and can launch it from shore or one of our boats.

Construction Diving

Waters Marine has been in operation for over 20 years, with the same management team. You can be sure we have the experience required to safely and efficiently carry out all types of diving work


Commercial Divers are trained professionals, operating in an underwater environment, usually with little to no visibility. Diver licensing in Australia is through the ADAS system, and conducted mainly under AS2299, as well as other relevant Australian standards and regulations.

Reservoir Maintenance

As one of the first companies to offer this service in Australia, since 1996 Waters Marine has honed this specialty service to a T. Potable water diving requires strict sterilisation of dedicated reservoir equipment each day, and well trained divers with experience working in reservoirs.


Waters Marine has been in operation for over 21 years, with the same management team. You can be sure we have the experience for all types of commercial diving work, as well as well proven equipment and vessels, to carry out any task in the water.

Underwater Maintenance

Our trams maintain under water structures, or assets on the water such as vessels, wharves, bridges etc. Just some of the work we carry out includes underwater cutting and welding, drilling, pumping and dredging, boat ramps, film diving, pipe repairs and pigging, and installation of sediment booms.


Our Commercial Dive teams have worked in everything. Retrieve pumps, check brackets, install plates and plugs, retrieve broken mixers and paddles. By using divers and not emptying the tank, our customers  have minimal disruption to plants, and much less down time.


We install new moorings, and maintain existing moorings as well. For the mooring you can rely on, you need something well tested and proven. Our moorings have been pulled, strained and tested with independent engineer supervision.

ROV Inspections

ROVs are a fantastic tool for inspecting water tanks, pipes, dam intakes and screens, dam walls vessels and other structures. ROVs are not limited by depth like divers, and can fit in some small spaces. Where the risk for divers may be  deemed as too high a risk, an ROV  takes away the human element from the inspection.


Waters Marine is a family owned business, and Jody Waters has been at the helm since the company started in 1996. With a short career in the Australian Army, Jody changed to commercial diving in 1990. We care about our staff and our customers, like a family business should.


With our background in diving, we enter some more dangerous environments than most occupations. For this reason we are asked to conduct more and more confined space specialist work every year. Divers are already used to high risk activity, wearing specialist gear, and working together in a team.

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