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Who We Are…..

Waters Marine Pty Ltd is a Family owned and operated business, based on the Gold Coast Queensland for the past 20+ years.  We specialise in the provision of Commercial Diving and Underwater Construction services, including large scale complex projects and specialist services to local Government Agencies, Water Utilities and Construction and Engineering groups Australia wide.  Safety remains a focal point of operation for Waters Marine, therefore we strictly comply with state regulations and Australian Standards.

What We Do

Construction Diving

Waters Marine is based on the Gold Coast, where we have been operating since 1996. We are well situated, for coastal and inland diving throughout eastern Australia, and regularly travel inland. 

Our underwater work regularly includes-
Underwater Maintenance
Underwater Cutting, Welding, Cleaning Construction and Repairs
Underwater Inspections
Rigging and Marine Installations
Pile Repairs
Marine Salvage
Pipe Repairs and Pigging
Deep Diving
Inland Diving
Coastal Diving

Contamination Diving

Diving in contaminated environments requiring protection of the diver from harmful substances.

Contaminated diving requires the use of fully enclosed suits and helmets. Waters Marine has contracted to councils water authorities and abbatoirs for work in sewer treatment plants and aeration ponds. 
We can provide…
Inspections and repairs of rising mains and pipes
Plugging pipes for valve isolation
Recovery of mixer paddles and pipes
Repairs or modification to plants
Removing accumulated sediment in recycled water storage tanks
Leak detection for recycled water storages
Fitting of pump rails or mounting brackets
Inspections of outfalls or diffusers

Reservoir Maintenance

Our companies beginnings were created with our work involving Reservoir Preventative and Corrective Maintenance. We clean reservoirs, using diver controlled vacuums, to remove sediment waste and silt from the reservoir floors. We perfected this system when it was a new concept. The reservoir can remain online providing minimal downtime and minimal water loss. Our divers utilise our various vacuums, specifically designed for the purpose of cleaning a range of reservoirs, and types of sediments. We also fit ladders cages and mixers in reservoirs

Reservoir hygiene is an important part of our role in potable water facilities.

Click here for more information on Cleaning, InspectionsFRP Products,Confined SpaceLeak Detection and Repairs.

Confined Space Solutions

We regularly enter confined spaces for diving and non diving situations. We are a unique skill set, where our background occupation has seen us enter many environments where breathing is not possible.

Our core dive staff are trained for diving under the internationally regocnised ADAS diving system. We are also trained and certified for confined space entry, confined space supervision, confined space rescue, and working at heights. Our equipment is often used for entering water reservoirs, pipework, river intakes, sewerage structures, weirs.

Our service can provide confined space supervision for engineers, or other speacilty services, or we have divers, fitters and welders, who are proficient at carrying out repairs on equipment in the confined space.

We specialise in entering those confined space places which are a bit out of the eordinary for most occupations, and with a diving background, we are experts at figuring out solutions in hazardous environments.

ROV Inspections

The term ROV refers to Remotely Operated Vehicle. ROV’s are popularly used for underwater projects, where they are tethered to the surface, and controlled by a ROV pilot. . ROV’s are particularly useful because they have no depth restrictions which may limit divers, no depth time limitations, ability to enter dangerous and small spaces or contaminated water, and very good quality video.

Waters Marine’s own Video Ray Pro 5 ROV, has been operating as part of our sevices for the past five years to inspect – pipes, water tanks and other structures in dams and rivers throughout Queensland and New South Wales. We also provide a DVD or thumb drive copy of the inspection, as soon as the inspection is complete for the client’s records.

Waters Marine’s ROV can reach depths of 300 metres. It has two high quality video cameras with still capability, adjustable lighting, two forward thrusters and one depth thruster. A manipulator arm at the front of the ROV can hold small items when found on the sea bed, or attach tools such as probes and metal thickness gauges. Sonar can also be fitted for low visibility water.


With mooring experience dating back to 1990, there are not too many companies with our knowledge of what does and doesn’t work with moorings. We offer mooring installations from new, upgrades to older moorings, and offer routine programmed mooring inspections.

We can install environmental moorings with a helix screw or clump weight anchor. The in water section is usually a custom made rope section with an elastic core, which offers a superior shock absorber under water. We can then fit this to the surface float of your choice.

Our vessels are set up to make mooring work a lot easier. We have winches, small cranes, and stable work platforms for the job.  We can install one mooring for the average swing mooring, or a large mooring field for yacht clubs or marinas. Our mobile drill equipment can even work off other boats, meaning we can travel to anywhere in the world if required.

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Charities proudly supported by Waters Marine

Charity : Water

Charity Water

A non-profit organisation bringing safe and clean drinking water to people in developing countries.

Soi Dog

Soi Dog

A foundation helping street dogs who have nobody else to care for them from the streets in Thailand.

Orangutan Project

Orangutan Project

Group of people dedicated to saving the Orangutans from extinction.


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The Management Team

Jody Waters

Owner / Director

Jody began commercial diving in 1990, and formed Waters Marine in 1996. Jody’s qualifications include AS2299 diver & supervisor, Padi Instructor, coxswain, confined space, working at heights, various equipment inspector certificates, senior first aid, OH&S QLD & NSW safety cards, as well as other machinery proficiencies. As diving occupation sees us regularly underwater, this makes customer communication pretty much impossible. As the managing director, Jody spends most days communicating with our customers, and ensuring the divers are prepared for the work ahead.

Angela Waters

Owner / Administrator

Angela has been part of the company since the very early days, and manages the accounts, reports and invoicing. Angela also has some relevant training in her role, with a background in recreational diving, growing up around boats, and several years working on cruise ships. Her qualifications include Padi diver, Business studies, Various international safety at sea certifications, as well as taking time out for computer and accounts training.


Last Friday was a success with the flood test. QUU was onsite and very happy with how things went.

Thanks for the effort in making this all come together. Many people to arrange and despite issues with the EWP’s all went very well.


Thanks for the great job the boys did at such short notice.

Forbes Shire Council

Hi Jody,

Thanks very much for your quick and professional handling of this situation.

Queensland Urban Utilities

I was impressed with Dai and his team. Safe and with a “can do” attitude.

Trility – Redcliffe STP

Thanks heaps Jody,

Always a pleasure working with your staff, very professional. We hope to have the remaining units pulled out tomorrow.

Thanks again.

Unity Water

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