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Confined Space Entry.....

River Intake Inspection

We Enter Confined Spaces Where Access Is Difficult

Our dive teams are used to getting into some tight spaecs, low or nil visibility. Our divers are trained for confined space access, confined space gas testing, confined space supervision, and confined space rescue. We can take care of the whole job if required.

Confinrd Space Supervisor

We Offer Confined Space Supervision

We help out in cases where companies don't have the qualifications, or expertise to enter some confined spaces. We can bring the supervisors, rescue personnel and equipment for confined space access jobs.

We Can Provide Equipment For Confined Spaces 

The cost of access equipment can add up, as well as the inspections required to keep in test. If your company does not carry out this work regularly, consider using Waters Marine to help out by bring the equipment and supervisor for your work.

Hot Work

We Carry Out Hot Work In Confined Spaces

Our divers are well experienced at cutting and welding underwater. We also carry out cutting and welding in confined spaces. We are well used to breathing compressed air in our work, and being tetherd to the surface. Our diving hoses can also be used above water, and have a lifeline and communications line with the airline. 

Confinrd Space Work

We Install In Confined Spaces

We can use the water as a platform, where others may see the need to remove it. Installing ladders, platforms, pipework, and other fixtures, can be carried out, with the reservoir still on line. This make our work easier, and your work easier.

Confined Space Roof

We Support Inspections In Confined Spaces

If you need to get inspections carried out by engineers, NDT experts, specialist repair personnel, or any other specialists, we can co-ordinate the entries, rescue and supervision of the confined space work.


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